6 Life Lessons Taher Shah Taught Me

Once in a while an artist comes along who is revolutionary, inspirational, oozing with talent, absolutely brilliant. Taher Shah is not that artist. He is a non-attractive, non-talented, creepy dude who has regardless taken this country by storm. Just yesterday he was with another of our beloved sons, Aamir Liaqat, handing out babies and singing to us his sensational spectacular ‘fablis’ song. There is no reason for his fame, yet there he is, in our faces, mocking our sensibilities and staring at us with those ridiculous spectrum eyes. But it’s easy to ridicule. Once you sift through the bullshit, there are lessons to be learned from this man. These are they:

1. Self Belief is Crucial


Look at that picture. Really, truly look. There is no reason for this guy to be on television as a serious entertainer, yet there he is. Someone who hasn’t heard his song might think he’s famous because he is a good singer. He isn’t. He sounds like a third rate Islamabadi shaadi hall singer from the 90’s. As an entertainer, he sucks through and through.

But he has the one critical ingredient crucial for success: self belief. You can tell he just oozes confidence as he flicks his absurd hair around or does his little jig and smiles his creepy, self assured smile at the camera. The only thing driving this guy forward is his belief that he can do it. The real world is desperately trying to keep him down, and I tend to agree with them, but like Rocky he refuses to bow out, and then I tend to side with him. Taher Shah has made me very confused.

2. Haters Gonna Hate

I talked about this here, and Taher Shah is a living breathing embodiment of the don’t-give-a-shit principle. He has haters, he knows it, but he don’t give a shit. That isn’t stopping this guy from blazing his own trail. Check out his Facebook page and you will see all sorts of hate thrown in his direction, but it just slides off his sensational hair and he keeps on dancin’. “Bulletproof beghairat hay tu”, says one Facebook user who got frustrated at Taher Shah’s obliviousness.

3. Own Your Weaknesses

Not only is he devoid of singing talent, but the guy has atrocious English. Which would be cool if he didn’t insist on singing in English. But again, he don’t care. If his English is bad, so be it. He wants to make English hit song, so English hit song is what he will make. He pens down some of the profoundest lyrics known to man. And bad English doesn’t stop him from being very active on Facebook either, interacting with ‘fans’, giving his life philosophies, being Taher Shah. He’s going to wear his weaknesses like armor and keep on keeping on, to paraphrase Tyrion the imp.

4. Have a Vision for Your Life

This is not some fly-by-night, sings-on-a-whim type dude. He has a goal, a mission. He wants to make a hit song, at which he has succeeded. As much as someone of his means will anyway. He also wants to direct a blockbuster movie. And he wants to own a TV channel. I daresay he will succeed in those respects too. The man is a mystery but he has well defined goals that he wants to achieve, and that is always the first step to success.

5. No Publicity is Bad Publicity

Taher Shah seems like a smart guy; he is/was a businessman and rich enough to have funded this ridiculous singing dream. He certainly has figured out by now that in most respects he is a laughing stock. But he understands that as long as people are talking about you, as long as you are fresh, all is good. I’ll give you a personal example. A week ago my sister discovered Taher Shah’s Eye to Eye for the first time and we laughed at him for a solid 5 minutes. Then we watched it again, and again. We watched it at least three times a day over the weekend. We started quoting fablis spectacular sensational lyrics in real life. We started telling everyone we knew about the ridiculous Taher Shah song. We may have been laughing at him, but Taher Shah was laughing too. The court jester isn’t always a fool.

6. Roll With the Punches

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you want in life. I’m sure Taher Shah didn’t aspire to be a viral joke. But that’s how it worked out, and kudos to the man for rolling with it. Now he does stuff like his Eye2Eye competition on his Facebook page. The man says, and I quote:

“So many peoples r sending me pictures of there eyes and asking that weather there eyes are beautiful, precise, have spectrum or spectacular or not. Many are comparing there eyes with my eyes. So guys pls, My eye, Your Eye, Every Eye is beautiful in a way. It just depend how other people see them. Observing the trend, an exciting competition is on it’s way, related to this having exciting prizes. Let the team work on it while you enjoy the last ODI ‪#‎PakVsWI‬. Details will be disclosed in few hours.
Let the spectrum of eyes dominate! Stay tuned!

Life might give you lemons, but it is up to you to make beautiful fablis sensational lamonade. And Taher Shah wins in that regard. Respect you crazy eyed dude, respect.



30 thoughts on “6 Life Lessons Taher Shah Taught Me

  1. I think before criticizing his English, the writer needs to put in some time for himself.
    A waste of time; reading this article.

  2. Point 3: Bad English bit, line 2.
    “But again, he don’t care. If his English is bad, so be it”
    “He does not care” is the correct way to write it
    So you too sir, have atrocious English but you write in english nonetheless (like myself and taher shah bhai), so let us see in our own collar first before we proceed throwing rocks in someone else’s glass house.

    And he is not devoid of talent, he has talent consequently we are talking about him. And you have to give it to him that the tune was very catchy otherwise there are quite a few other songs on youtube which are more funny than this… so somethings are so bad that they are actually good…. like some of us even respect Ed Woods not only because Jhonny Depp acted as him but also because his movies are full of passion!!!

    • you did not just compare Taher Shah to Ed Wood o.O
      i agree, it is difficult to ignore Mr. Shah, but i respect him more for what I said above than for his goofy song or his ‘talent’.
      and thank you for the correction. I had written it thus for effect, but good to see someone still cares about grammar and such. =)

  3. Sorry dude. But if you want to write, please use appropriate English and not “ATROCIOUS” English. I have never heard or seen this before “I had written it thus for effect” so I do not understand what it means. I also do not understand, why people cannot use simple and correct English and rather try to make it complex and wrong.

  4. Wow. People are more concerned about other people and their English rather than taking the ‘take home message’ from this blog. That’s just sad.

    • Yes Mohammad, because the message itself is criticizing the same. Also, I believe it’s always good to write correctly on a public forum. Anyway, I pardon myself from further discussion on this here.

  5. Gilaniya tabaah dey kroo, your blog is frikin awesome, ao zaan na de sam da James Franco bachey jor karey de lolz.Seriously good writing in this blog to add to a blossoming art career MashAllah.

    Without your love I am like butterfly without fly… (without wings? without flight?)

  6. Well said! The quirky guy has some spunk… And I agree with syed M. Can’t you put some sort of a block on the typical class of highly opinionated readers to prevent them from plaguing this forum?

  7. Dear people getting all serious about this article: Please understand that the writer is merely trying to convey a positive msg with a certain amount of wit. The grammar errors were evidently made on purpose to add to that witty feel. Anywho, everyone has the right to an opinion especially when it comes to the appreciation of art and talent as both are fairly subjective (clearly that’s not debatable after the comments above). Just enjoy the piece and move on.

    And most importantly, dont forget to shake that hair and play magic on someone else with your spectrum eyes! ❤ I dont know about the music, but Tahir Shah has definitely levelled up the laooo scene in Pakistan! Woohoo!

  8. I am a self-proclaimed grammar Nazi and I don’t find the English of the article incorrect. As the author mentioned, it is for the effect! In fact I enjoyed the article more for its cheek-in-tongue and read between the lines humour, while driving a few good lessons home. I see a book in the future…Gills

  9. Yaar anglish iz barry bad. Maybe yous shoulds takeses anglash lassans from me 😛
    GG Gilly Boy. Very well written. Saw this on the tribune the other day, didn’t realize it was you. *fistbump*

  10. Brilliantly Written!!! Absolutely LOVE the humor. Oh no, did I just write fragments? should I be hanged for the grammatical error?? =P

    I especially love all the hate messages “sliding off the sensational hair”, “oozing with confidence as he flicks his absurd hair” and the lemonade pun at the end summarizes the whole concept beautifully. Taher Shah is a superstar!! =D Thanks for showing us this hillarious angle of the “creepy dude”. Respect!

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