How to Read like a Boss


After escaping the machine I had nothing but time on my hands and no more rules on how to spend it.

So as a side project I started reading a book a week, or 52 books for the year.

The idea is from Julien Smith’s incredible blog where he lays down an outline for accomplishing this daunting task.

And the principle is the same that you’d use to eat an elephant: take it on one bite at a time.

For those too lazy to follow the link to Julien’s blog, here is how it worked in a nutshell:

– Every book I read was 250-300 pages.

– Which translates to every day reading of ~40 pages to get through a book a week.

– Which requires devoting 1-2 daily hours only to book reading.

And that is easier than it sounds.

The amount of time we spend browsing cat memes online or sitting fixated on HumTV nonsense can easily be diverted to this endeavor.

And if you stick to it, your head will be brimming with ideas, your perspectives will shift radically, you’ll feel like the sky is the limit. Not to mention an improvement in reading speed/comprehension and the eternally important development of the reading habit. I feel stupid now unless I’m reading something.

I read 60 books in the past year because it was just so much fun.

This year I’m doing this all over again. And you should too.


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